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Benzema might face a suspended prison sentence

scandal between Mathieu Valbuena and Karim Benzema has left no one indifferent. After a situation was revealed regarding a personal video that involved Valbuena, there were mutual accusations, ruined careers, and much more. Still, the French team is a great option to place a bet online on 1xBet. The French Football Federation took the measure of banning both players indefinitely from the National side.

Only recently Benzema had a great return to the squad. However, his problems seem to be far from over. This is because he still needs to face a trial regarding the scandal. There is a chance that he might face a suspended prison sentence. However, the fact that it is suspended means that he won’t actually go to jail. However, his behavior will be constantly monitored. In case he gets into further trouble, his luck might change. To place a bet on 1xBet online is still a great thing to do every time that Benzema plays.

The biggest score ever in a FIFA World Cup qualifier

Football is a sport that can bring shocking results and matches. Many of them are available to bet at 1xbet.com/en/live/. Back in 2001, there was a qualifier for the 2002 FIFA World Cup that was going to take place in South Korea and Japan. This match was going to face Australia against American Samoa. The result? 31-0 for the Socceroos. Some of the scorers were:

  • Con Boutsianis;
  • Aurelio Vidmar;
  • And Archie Thompson who scored 13 times.

The match still had some controversy. Even some Australian fans thought it was too much of an humiliation. Such a result was never seen again in football. Who knows if it will happen again at all. While it is unlikely to see such a result anytime soon, 1xBet is the best place to bet on all things related to football, including great matches from all over the world.

The curious story of Juan Carreño

Maybe the name Juan Carreño will not ring too many bells. However, he was a Chilean forward who played in the Chilean competition back in the 1990s. It is totally possible to bet on football online site 1xBet on this competition. What happened with him was that he was left out of the Chilean squad that was going to play the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Of course he didn’t like that.

During a match in the Chilean competition, he was mocked about this fact by a few rivals. He didn’t like that at all. The result from that was him starting to punch everybody who came close to him. A big fight erupted. The result? He got a red card, was arrested by police, and got suspended for 6 months. To bet on 1xBet online football site can allow people from all over the world to enjoy the Chilean tournament like never before.

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