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Celebrities and Athletes Suffering from Drug Addiction and Mental Disorders

Despite of the Netherlands being listed one of the happiest states, there have been some cases of mental disorders and drug addictions among the teens and mostly, celebrities, athletes and high-end people.

The Netherlands has been in rocking in the list of the Happiest Countries on the Planet. According to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report (2021), the Netherlands (often referred as Holland) has been put on the Fifth position.

There have been so much use of addictive drugs that the high posts such as the financial economists and sociological experts are worried about the country’s mental health. 

The Netherlands Could Become a Narco State

The Netherlands has been suffering from mental issues and mental disorders for quite some time now. Last September, There was a heavy and bloody shooting that took place in a side area of Amsterdam. This situation was alarming and worrisome for the officials of the state. 

Celebrities Suffering from Mental Issues in Netherlands

Most of the celebrities of past are quite wise and don’t care about the happenings of the world. But, the new ones are becoming more and more advanced. With the diversity of movies and diverse Hollywood culture, celebrities are being exposed to more and more addictive drugs in Netherlands. 

The reason behind this strange but obvious happening is that the celebrities are contacted by drug providers and since they can afford it, they are being exploited. 

This phenomenon has pulled the trigger of mental issues in celebrities. Not only celebrities in showbiz and movies are being affected, but also some famous athletes and government officials are victim of this culprit. 

Mental Disorder Issues in the Netherlands

The main reason why everyone is being targeted by this culprit is that there have been low penalties for drug use and drug abuse in Netherlands. This relaxation towards drug-related crimes has triggered the country’s position as one of the most drug producing countries. The Netherlands is well known for its term of “Policy of Tolerance” that allows all the soft drugs to be tolerated. 

Again, this relaxation and unserious attitude towards drug-related crimes has put the country into a position where there are many mental disorders and addiction cases in celebrities, athletes and high-end people i.e. government officials. 

Where to Get Treatment for Mental Health?

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