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Dutch F-16 fighter jets can be used in Russia, minister confirms

Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot has confirmed that the F-16 fighter jets being provided by the Netherlands to Ukraine could potentially be utilized to target locations within Russia.

Moreover, the minister emphasized that the usage of these fighter jets will not be confined solely to the border region near Kharkiv. The Netherlands plans to deliver a total of 24 F-16s to Ukraine, with the initial batch scheduled to arrive in the autumn.

Bruins Slot articulated, “The Netherlands adheres to the principle that, if deemed necessary for self-defense and in accordance with humanitarian laws, weaponry supplied by the Netherlands can be deployed within Russian territory.”

These remarks were made by Bruins Slot in Prague on the sidelines of an informal NATO summit convened to address the conflict in Ukraine.

Recent reports, notably by Politico, have revealed that the Biden administration has quietly granted Ukraine permission to conduct strikes inside Russia—specifically in the vicinity of Kharkiv—using weaponry provided by the United States. This development was subsequently confirmed by the White House.

Furthermore, Germany has also authorized Ukraine to employ armaments supplied by Germany within Russian territory.

Bruins Slot reiterated, “Ukraine must possess the capability to take all necessary measures to defend itself. We have consistently underscored this stance. The encouraging news is that the United States has taken a significant step in this direction. While not every nation may be capable or willing to take similar actions, I have reiterated today the necessity for more countries to extend their support beyond current limitations.”

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