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Top 8 College Majors This Year For The Future

How do you choose a college major? Of course, you want to select a major that allows you to use your talents and passions. At the same time, you want to be practical. Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on a degree with no future. You have to think about the job market and earnings potential.

Good news! We have done the research for you. Using factors such as job growth, salary, and potential for advancement, we’ve uncovered the top 8 college majors this year.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration or healthcare management is a field that involves the leadership, management, or administration of hospitals, clinics, public health systems, and more. Healthcare administrators have the job of overseeing all management and operations for the organization at which they are employed. As healthcare becomes more complex with the explosion of big data, new delivery systems, privacy concerns, and ongoing changes to health insurance, the demand for qualified healthcare administration professionals is only going to increase.

Computer Science

You want a career in computers, but where do you begin? Consider getting a degree in computer science. This will give you the foundation you need to pursue different areas of expertise. Computer science majors can become software engineers, security specialists, data scientists, software testers, and so much more. Most importantly, you will have an expert understanding of computing that will give you an advantage over people who pursue more specialized education in this area.


Nursing is one college major that consistently earns a spot on these lists. There are many reasons for that. Students pursuing a nursing degree will always enjoy many career opportunities. Additionally, there are several options for advancement. For example, you can attend school for just a few years to become a registered nurse, get your BSN, or become a nurse practitioner. Some nursing students choose to pursue lucrative specialties, such as nurse anesthetist.

Electrical Engineering

Think of the items you use each day that use electricity. Each of these were designed by an electrical engineer. As much as we are all addicted to our gadgets and devices, it’s easy to see why electrical engineers are in such high demand. If you are great at math and science, and willing to occasionally get help by asking someone to help pay for my research paper, this is a great major for you. Even better, as an electrical engineer you can use your talents in industries including aviation, automotive, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Health Informatics

Health informatics is a fairly new specialty that involves the management of data and information with the purpose of improving patient care. It specifically involves coordinating information from a variety of sources, such as a patient’s various healthcare providers. As healthcare reform is an evolving subject, experts in this area are going to be in demand in the future.

Speech Pathology

People need to be able to communicate effectively now more than ever. A speech pathologist provides treatments and therapies to help patients overcome difficulties with oral communication. Additionally, speech pathologists also assist patients with swallowing issues. Some speech pathologists even help with the social aspects of communication. Are you ready to develop great study skills and other useful habits? This high-demand career can lead to jobs in schools, clinics, or as an independent therapist.


When you obtain a degree in finance, you have the skills to help individuals and businesses manage their spending, income, and investments. Finance experts work for investment banks, corporations, mortgage companies, stockbrokers, and more. You will use your expert insights to keep your clients on the right track to achieve their financial goals.

Environmental Engineering

The climate crisis is impacting all of us. Additionally, businesses and government agencies are seeking practical solutions to pollution, waste management, water quality, public health, and other problems that are connected to environmental issues. As an environmental engineer, your job will be designing solutions for these problems. As you can imagine, career growth and opportunities in environmental engineering are skyrocketing.

Final Thoughts

Do you have to choose a major from this list? Of course not! It simply helps to be well-informed about your options. There are plenty of other majors that can lead to a great career for you. Additionally, you never know when new career and learning opportunities will emerge. Whatever you choose, be sure to do your research, and make the decision that works best for you.


Author Bio: Melony Hart is a writer who has earned a great reputation for her expertise in all things related to higher education. Readers have enjoyed her work on a variety of platforms and websites. When she isn’t writing, Melony enjoys spending time with her family and friends.










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