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Dutch Football Anthem ‘Larger Than Life’ Spotlights Players in Latest Release

Star DJ Armin van Buuren and indie pop band Chef’Special collaborate with the Dutch football team in crafting their anthem for the upcoming European Championships in Germany.

Titled “Larger than Life,” the anthem marks a notable collaboration as it features the players themselves providing backing vocals, reminiscent of the last instance in André Hazes’ iconic 1988 anthem, “Wij houden van Oranje.” Notably, the song is entirely in English, showcasing a fusion of diverse musical influences.

Described by the KNVB football association as a representation of unity, ambition, and passion crucial for championship victory, “Larger than Life” is poised to rally the team and fans alike.

During a writers’ camp coinciding with the players’ training sessions, segments of the anthem featuring the players were recorded, with notable figures like Virgil van Dijk leading vocal and clap accompaniments in the music video.

Armin van Buuren expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration in a behind-the-scenes documentary, emphasizing the song’s embodiment of collective faith in achieving their championship aspirations.

With Oranje placed in Group D alongside Poland, France, and Austria, their campaign commences with a match against Poland on June 16 in Hamburg, setting the stage for an electrifying tournament journey.

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