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How Much Do Professional Soccer Players Earn on Average?

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Soccer or football, whichever you feel like calling it, is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Soccer is played by elite athletes and watched by billions of fans around the globe. But have you ever wondered how much your favorite soccer player earns? Let’s take a look at the finances involved in soccer and learn how much professional soccer players get paid in the modern-day.

how much do soccer players make on average

How Much of a Salary Do Soccer Players Get?

 Did you know that a highly talented professional soccer player earns tens of millions of dollars every year? Their position in the professional pyramid decides the average salary of any soccer professional, the team they play for, the league they play in, their native playing position, and also their age and skill-set. A player’s salary largely depends on his recent performance and playmaking abilities. But, there are other factors too which don’t catch our eye but are equally important.

In general, players belonging to the biggest leagues in Europe earn the highest salaries. At the same time, the average wages of the players across all other leagues don’t even match up to the top 5 of Europe’s highest paying divisions. An average Premier League player earns almost ten times more than their MLS counterparts, with an average of $3.9 million every year.

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How Much Do Soccer Players Make Per Game?

If you’re thinking of something in-line with this, then sorry, the answer is no! Soccer players aren’t actually paid per game. Their salaries are fixed weekly or monthly regardless of how many minutes or games they play in that period.

However, many players have contractual agreements with their clubs regarding bonuses when they play a significant number of matches or have a high goal-scoring streak. These bonuses get added to their monthly or yearly wage.

How Much Money Do Soccer Players Earn in Europe?

Europe’s top-5 leagues – namely Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 – are home to most of the world’s famous soccer players, as well as some of the highest-paid athletes in the world.

The likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar alone make up $78 million from their respective teams. Add in the various sponsorships, brand endorsements, advertising deals, and image rights, and their salaries will balloon up even more. Soccer players earn more from their off-the-field exploits than their actual club salaries.

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo’s endorsement deals account for almost half of his soccer-based income? His affiliation with brands like Armani, Tag Heuer, Nike, Herbalife, and many more made him the first soccer player ever to earn over $1 billion in pre-tax career earnings. Simply astonishing!

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How Good is the English Premier League for Professional Soccer Players?

If you’re playing in the Premier League, you might be earning more money than you ever would in any other part of the world, unless you are Lionel Messi or Neymar. Soccer players over there earn approximately $3.9 million on average. But why can the Premier League afford such high salaries to its players?

The Premier League is perhaps the most widely watched soccer league in the whole world, with hundreds of millions of fans supporting the likes of clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and many more. Decades of popularity coupled with loyal fanbases and a pool of highly talented players competing against each other make English football the face of soccer across the world. The rise in the popularity of the Premier League also fuelled its value.

Ties with the most prominent sports broadcasting channels who televised their matches in the most football-frenzied countries skyrocketed the Premier League to glory and opened their doors to even more lucrative deals that meant higher revenues for the top division teams. The teams, therefore, were able to attract the most talented soccer players to England from all over the globe.

alaries of professional soccer players have been rising in the past two decades, and players, irrespective of their natural positions, earn wages higher than ever before.


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