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How to Choose the Perfect Evening Bag

Have you ever struggled with finding the perfect evening bag?

 If you’re anything like most women, you struggle to find an appropriate yet stylish bag to wear to a formal event. You’ve picked out the perfect dance-the-night-away dress, you’ve chosen matching shoes and accessories but you’re left wondering… “what bag actually goes with all this”?!

A cross-body? A clutch? Is it okay to wear an over-the-shoulder bag to a fancy night out? We’ve created a mini-style guide to answer all your questions regarding choosing the right bag for an evening out or a formal event.

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 Choosing the Right Bag 

  1. Compliment your body shape

 Although most evening bags are small, they still come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose a bag that compliments your body shape and emphasizes your outfit without overshadowing it. If you’re small or petite, don’t pick a bag that’s too large or overwhelming. If you’re tall, opt for a wider bag or a bag with a large flap so that your purse doesn’t get washed out.

  1. Pay attention to the color and style

 Choosing an evening bag is all about getting the color, style and shape right. If you want the rest of your outfit to make a statement, go for a small, neutral bag that will allow the rest of your outfit to shine. One easy way to achieve this is by choosing a bag that matches the color of your outfit.

If you choose a simple dress and want to up the drama with your accessories, have fun and choose a bold bag that makes a statement. When choosing a bag that’s a different color than your outfit, make sure that it’s still a complimentary color. 

  1. Choose a bag that’s functional

 When picking out an evening bag, it’s important to think about function too. You don’t want to choose a cute but mini handbag and then end up carrying your smartphone in your hand all night! Make a list of your must-have items for the evening and then test the potential carrying capacity of any bags before purchasing them.

  1. Choose a bag based on the occasion

The formality of the event you are attending will dictate what type of bag you should wear. If the evening is a casual dinner/date night, then go ahead and choose an over-the-shoulder or cross body bag. If the event you’re attending is a formal gala or a black-tie affair, then restrict your choices to small handheld clutches or pouches.

  1. Let your personality shine

 All the style tips in the world won’t matter if you don’t love your bag! At the end of the day, what matters is that you choose a bag that makes you feel confident and shows off your personal fashion sense. So have fun and let your personality shine!

 The Perfect Bag for Every Look 

  • If your dress is strapless…

 Then pair your dress with a bag with a shoulder strap. Especially if your dress has slinky straps, it’s important to fill up some of that space with a unique style element like a chain or blinged out purse strap.

  • If you’re wearing a wrap dress….

Try a small clutch or wristlet. Wrap dresses tend to look a bit casual, so you’ll want to add a bit of drama and flair with your handbag.

  • If your dress has an empire waist….

 Avoid shoulder straps at all costs as they will throw off the silhouette of your dress. Choose an envelope clutch or a mini top handle bag to flatter the shape of your dress.


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