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How to Purchase the Right Piece of Gemstone Jewelry

Purchasing a decent piece of jewelry for yourself that perfectly blends in with your requirements is already rocky. If you are planning on adding Gemstone Jewelry to your collection, there are multiple factors and points which you need to consider beforehand. No, doubt that jewelry studded with these beautiful crystals is high on trend and definitely leaves everyone awestricken. Yet, what’s important while selecting the right piece of jewelry for yourself is to check for the authenticity of the crystal and the metal.

The different attributes associated with your crystal will play a significant role in giving a green signal to your jewelry. There’s a reason why we are most attracted to colorful crystals. Similarly here’s a list of a few factors or features that makes us attracted to these colorful stones.


The definition of beauty of gemstones can depend from person to person, like some people love clear transparent crystals, while to some opaque gems are more beautiful. Where the quality of gemstones matches somewhat to that of diamonds, yet gradation between them is quite different. For example, the most important C for gemstones is color. In diamonds, the most important C is cut.

The natural color in gems is one the most eye-catching feature in the beauty of gems. People love colorful stones as the variety of colors has not only provided them with a vast number of jewelry options but also promotes a feeling of happiness within them.


Colorful crystals depict one’s personality perfectly and have a sense of personalization. According to color psychology, every color has an impact on our mood and can genuinely affect it to a great extent. Each color symbolizes something and is effective in working out in our favor if used properly. Similarly, wearing crystal jewelry with the appropriate color can manifest great mood improvement.


Another important aspect is a rarity. The rarer a gem is, the higher is its value. People these days love to seek those things for themselves that are rare, unique, and aren’t available that easily. The rarity of a crystal is totally natural and completely depends on its source from where it is extracted. If the crystal is available in abundance and in multiple parts of the world, it is easy to seek and is comparatively a budgeted crystal.

Gemstone Size

The size of the crystal is often a great attention-grabber. People these days love bold accessories that reflect their personality which gemstones are capable of providing naturally. This is why the size of the crystal matters and totally depends on the personal preferences of the owner. For example, people love large and cocktail-sized crystals in Larimar Jewelry and they can easily be made available while they might not be easy to find in other varieties.  This is an important factor that affects our choice when we plan to purchase a gem.

Metaphysical Properties

Various healing properties and beliefs that are associated with gemstones are not hidden from anyone. These days there is an increasing craze for genuinely creating spiritual balance and connection with oneself. After the pandemic people have realized the importance of mental health and only want something that can actually help them with better self-esteem and satisfaction.

Various metaphysical properties absorbed in these crystals balance and activate various chakras present in the body. It helps in removing any emotional or spiritual blockage that is affecting your growth. Gems thus definitely fulfill this purpose and is naturally a reason why people want to add more Gemstone Silver Jewelry to their collection.

Each crystal has its own metaphysical properties according to its composition, color, and basic nature. Thus, choose a crystal that is according to your own personal needs and wants.

Fashion Trends

Another reason to add or get attracted towards this colorful eye-candy appearing crystals is because of the hype in fashion trends. Recently, people got really excited about gemstone accessories for a variety of reasons. This might inspire many people to actually like and join with the recent fashion trends and many jewelry enthusiasts would love to try something unique anytime. This not being one of the most highlighted but still worthy enough reason to consider.

These were the few features that definitely attract people in one or the other way towards gemstone accessories. Now, when we know what attracts us towards them and why they are loved so much, let’s understand the factors that should be kept in mind while making a purchase.

Factors to consider before actually making a decision

The Three C’s

While choosing any gemstone jewelry always consider the three c’s – Color, Cut, and Clarity.

Color – Gems get their beauty maximum from their colors. While checking for color in the gem, look for these three features mentioned below


It is the natural dominant color in any crystal. It is the pure color in the spectrum. For Example, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green, etc. are the dominant colors.


The lightness and darkness in color represent its tone. It’s the natural shade of the dominant color, like Dark Pink, Light Pink, Baby Pink, etc.


It is the intensity or purity of the dominant color.

Also, note that some crystals naturally show very strong bold colors like Amethyst. While others go through some treatment for the improvement in color. These colors are obtained and adjusted either through heat treatment or with safe irradiation to obtain that perfect shade and color we want.

Some jewelers even produce synthetic colored gems. They have similar luster, shine, and even colors like the naturally occurring crystal but are purely made in a laboratory. These types of crystals are highly clear in appearance which is a sign of duplicity as the natural crystals are purely obtained from nature and have that natural element in them and will never be that pure in clarity.


The cut of a crystal enhances its overall appearance and value to create stunning jewelry designs. It takes professional gem cutters to efficiently give the shape and luster to the crystal. The cut of a stone will decide its beauty and how it will be used in the accessories. For example, Opal Jewelry is generally given a round shape and smooth surface. While other gems are given certain symmetrical shapes also known as facets. Thus, while purchasing, the cut of the crystal matters.


Similarly, the clarity of the crystal makes it more fascinating and attention-worthy.


The durability of a crystal shows its life by efficiently maintaining its shine and luster. The jewelry that you choose should be durable and long-lasting enough to maintain its natural glam and shine. Highly durable gems require less care and attention when it comes to taking care and maintaining and thus providing your jewelry to stay with the same shine for a long time.


With all the other factors, authenticity is the key point that plays an important role in choosing your crystal. The authenticity and genuineness of the gems are really essential to check before purchase as there are many fake ones available in the name of original ones. Thus, make sure that you are doing your own research about the crystal you are planning to purchase. This would provide you with an overall brief and needed the knowledge to identify, dos and don’ts, and what to avoid about your crystal.


The crystal you choose totally depends on its usability and your personal preference. Many manufacturers provide loose gemstones and offer you to later carve them according to your personal taste and give them a cut that you like. This option is a bit personalized and if you like your jewelry to be customized according to you, then this is the best option to consider.

How to Purchase the Right Piece of Gemstone Jewelry.jpg

If you like classy elegant designs that are fashionable and in trend, it would be better if you choose your accessory from a trusted source like Rananjay Exports, which provides you with trendy designs. You can even customize your jewelry designs and can actually choose from two hundred plus crystal jewelry like Turquoise Jewelry, Citrine crystal, and even Raw Crystals.


Choose the crystals that naturally represent and perfectly blend in with your personality and attributes. The gemstones are themselves a depiction of your spirit and taste. Try and imagine yourself wearing that gem on you, this will help you in choosing the right crystal for yourself.

Also, if you are planning on wearing the accessory on a daily basis, choose a crystal that is easy to take care of and is not porous in nature, as it will absorb water and react with other chemicals easily. Check its hardness level on the Mohs scale to ensure this. For example, Moonstone Jewelry has a natural dim shine that reflects the aura of the moon and can be easily worn on a day-to-day basis. It ranges around 6-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it ideal for creating bewitching jewelry designs.

Similarly, the design of the accessory should be simple for daily use, so that it does not create any hindrance in daily chores.

Be wise about your Rights

Being a customer, you have certain rights that safeguard your interests and help you with smooth purchasing. You should consider and actually know about these rights before making a purchase. You are entitled to know about what you are buying. If the crystal is a naturally-obtained stone or handmade synthetically in a laboratory, or even if it has gone under any sort of treatment, every little detail should be revealed to you.

There are established guidelines stating that the jewelers must inform the customer with proper and authentic information about the jewelry they are purchasing. If there is any temporary treatment that might last for a short period of time, it should be told beforehand. A well-informed purchase is a key to a satisfied customer.

Astrological Impact

The gemstones are filled with astrological powers inside them. Considering their impact on your life and after verifying their properties with your zodiac sign and sun sign, choose your perfect fit. Apart from keeping you ahead in fashion, these will also help you in getting all the success and fortune in your life. For achieving the best possible fruitful results, wear a gem according to your planet sign and compare the features of the gem with the needed results.

Selection of the right metal is equally important as each planet is assigned a particular metal and the benefit is only obtained when it is worn properly. Also, to experience the maximum vibrations out of your crystal, make sure that it remains close to your skin. This will allow its healing vibes to directly enter your body.

Some crystals have very high energy that can be felt immediately like Moldavite, so it might take some time to adapt to the energies of the crystal. You might even want to activate your stone with the intentions that you want it to do for you and with positive energies.

These were the tips and essential information that will help you in selecting the perfect gemstone jewelry for you. Although these crystals have the innate ability to find you when you need them the most, considering all the features mentioned above will help you with a satisfactory purchase. Once, you have made up your mind to actually include gemstone jewelry in your collection, make sure that you don’t forget to cleanse it time-to-time. This will help in eliminating all the negative energies absorbed by it and prepping it again to fully provide you with positive vibes.

Before cleaning, make sure that you are aware of the properties of your crystal, and cleanse and handle it accordingly. Don’t use chemicals or really hot water as it can cause permanent damage to the gem. Try and use a soft brush along with a soft cloth to properly wipe it off after cleaning.

In the end, the more you research crystals the more you will find them fascinating. Thus, it is worth it to add them to the collection.


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