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MLB Needs to Accept Robotic Strike Zone 

Robotic strike zones seem to be on the way for Major League Baseball and that seems to be a home run of an idea. Robot umpires at home plate have been doing well as it has been going through the minor leagues to fix any of the bugs and get umpires used to the technology as it is up to Triple A baseball. With social media accounts keeping track of how well or poor a home plate umpire performs so let’s talk a bit about it. 

Sometimes an umpire’s strike zone feels like you are watching a Nascar event. Get your Nascar picks in with some of the best insight on the entire web. Let’s take a deeper dive into why baseball should get with the times and accept the technology as a supplement to make their performance even better. 

Other Sports Utilize Technology

Baseball seems to love the idea that the length of the game is a major issue as they are implementing a pitching clock in the minor leagues and using technology to relay signs from the catcher to the pitcher on the mound. With the technology being used on the baseball field, having an umpire being assisted with balls and strikes will definitely be there. 

Other sports use technology to assist in making sure the correct things are happening on the field. In tennis, there are replays to assist in calling a ball in or out of bounds. In soccer and hockey, they implement replays to figure out if a goal is scored or not as well as replays in the National Football League. 

Angel Hernandez 

For those of you unfamiliar with Angel Hernandez, he is a major league umpire who is notorious for bad calls in critical situations. Everyone knows he is not known as a great umpire when he is located behind the plate, but the biggest thing is that it feels as if sometimes that he wants to be the star of the show. 

This is not saying that everything will have to be told to an umpire as if the batter or pitcher wants some clarity on a pitch, they can go to the automated strike zone to avoid as much human error as possible. That makes baseball more transparent and will assist the MLB Umpires Union to boast more success. 

They have been doing an adequate job with MLB replays throughout the handful of years that baseball has utilized the technology to ensure calls were correct. Using an automated strike zone to assist a home plate umpire watching somewhere between 300 pitches throughout the course of a game will only speed up the game and make sure that everything is not scrutinized with replays being available. 


If you are promoting the game of baseball and want to make sure that the correct call is consistently being called, assisting the umpire with an automated strike zone when needed will be a great factor. It also will help hitting increase throughout the game as pitchers are not going to get strikes called by being stolen with the catcher’s framing ability or a missed call off the plate. 

Instead, if it is thrown from the letters to knees over the 18 inches of home plate will be called a strike. Hitters are extremely talented and have a good understanding of what is a strike and what is not, so this will help get more base runners and runs scored as a result.

Dominant pitchers will also continue to dominate as hitters can be aggressive and swing at pitches outside of the strike zone. This just ensures that things are happening at a great level and players and people observing the sport are not questioning what is happening in the field of play. 

Pitchers will love having an actual strike zone that is not changing every time they are on the mound. Jitters will love it as well as they are guys like Aaron Judge who will not get strikes called against them at their shins.

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