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PSV fans pack town hall square to celebrate 25th league title

Approximately 100,000 fervent PSV fans filled the heart of Eindhoven on Monday, painting the town red to commemorate the club’s long-awaited Eredivisie victory, their first in six years.

The festivities kicked off well before the official presentation at 7:30 pm, with enthusiasts flocking to Stadhuisplein hours in advance. Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem led the players onto the stage one by one, basking in the thunderous applause from the elated crowd. As rain began to sprinkle down, the square was engulfed in a crimson haze of flares, setting the scene for an unforgettable celebration. Captain Luuk de Jong hoisted the championship plate triumphantly, an iconic moment that encapsulated the team’s hard-earned success. Coach Peter Bosz, caught up in the jubilant atmosphere, seized the microphone and jubilantly serenaded the fans with Queen’s anthem “We Are The Champions.”

The euphoria reached its peak when local singer Guus Meeuwis took the stage, leading the ecstatic throng in a spirited rendition of his beloved hit “Brabant,” amplifying the sense of pride and camaraderie pulsating through the city.

Earlier in the day, the team embarked on a victory parade through the streets of Eindhoven, riding atop a flatbed truck—a beloved tradition synonymous with PSV’s championship triumphs. Bosz’s triumphant squad clinched the title with a resounding 4-2 victory over Sparta the day before, marking a triumphant end to a season where they suffered only one defeat. With an impressive tally of 107 goals, the team stands as one of the Eredivisie’s most prolific scoring sides, poised to equal Ajax’s record points total if they emerge victorious in their final two matches.

Despite the exultation, Bosz remained grounded, acknowledging the arduous task of defending their title in the coming season. “Make no mistake,” he cautioned, “achieving success is challenging, but maintaining it is an even greater feat.” Reflecting on Feyenoord’s formidable performance, Bosz emphasized the need for continued excellence to stave off fierce competition. As the euphoria of their triumph reverberated through the streets of Eindhoven, PSV fans savored the moment, aware of the challenges that lie ahead but reveling in the glory of their hard-fought victory.

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