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South African titans of cricket

South Africa is a country that absolutely loves cricket. Popular domestic competitions take place there, and tracking all the latest developments is possible by visiting the http://1x.news/ website. Multiply Titans is one of the most popular franchises in South Africa. It belongs to the Eastern and Northerns Cricket Unions.

The Multiply Titans participate in different championships in the country and abroad, including:

  • Momentum One Day Cup;
  • Ram Slam T20 Challenge;
  • Champions League Twenty20 (cancelled in 2015).

The Titans have been extremely competitive both in South Africa and at international level. They hold the record for the most domestic wins across the country. The 1xNews website is the best place to learn the day-to-day occurrences with the Multiply Titans and any other cricket squad from around the world.

Performances in First-class cricket

The Multiply Titans participate in various forms of cricket, including First-class, Twenty20 and ODI. When visiting 1x.news/cricket/betting-tip/ – best today match betting tips can be found, which can be applied on wagers in South African cricket and many others.

In terms of First-class games, the most important competition where it is possible to see this team corresponds to the CSA 4-Day Domestic Series. In this tournament, the Titans have been highly successful, winning many cups since their first title back in the 2005-06 season, when they were known as the Titans Dolphins. When trying to find the best match betting tips, ensure to visit 1xNews today, which has valuable information that can be used when wagering.

Playing other formats of cricket

The Multiply Titans have also performed greatly in Twenty20 and ODI competitions. You can 1xBet app iOS download to phone, and start placing wagers on all those cricket tournaments. The team has been quite prolific in the Momentum One Day Cup, where they have won multiple editions since their first victory in the 2007-08 season.

However, probably what is a painful memory for fans of the Multiply Titans was when they narrowly missed out on the 2012 Champions League final. The team faced the Sydney Sixers in South Africa, and both sides fought hard till the very end. However, at the very last moments of the match, the Australian team managed to defeat the Titans by two wickets. It is possible to download the 1xBet app to your iOS phone, which immediately offers cricket betting chances on the palm of your hand.

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