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Students protest against inclusion in energy subsidies

About 100 participants gathered at the big market on October 6th to ask the government to make energy subsidies available to all students. OOGTV Representatives of nine political parties and 18 youth and student organizations reported taking part in the demonstration, along with dozens of students.

Dougblad van Het Norden Talk to students at the protest about the difficult economic choices they face in order to achieve their goals, such as refraining from grocery shopping and keeping the heating off until temperatures consistently drop below 13 degrees. did. How to pay your utility bills, which jumped €150 from one month to the next.

A secondary purpose of the protest was to provoke similar demonstrations in other university cities across the country.National student advocacy groupsLSVb (Landelijke Studentenverband, National Student Union) actively encourages students to challenge the decision if they are denied a grant because they are students.

Why are students exempt?

Anyone over the age of 21 who meets the income and housing requirements can apply for the much-needed subsidy, but those between the ages of 18 and 20 are expressly not included in the temporary measure.

Students living in student residences are not automatically eligible for energy subsidies under the current scheme.independent or Self-contained accommodation You need your own address, a kitchen, a toilet and shower, and a lockable front door.

There are also limits on how much young people can earn by age 21, minimum wage levels that vary by age, and students only being able to work until it interferes with their studies (and, in the case of international students, their Financial Aid Eligibility).

not waiting

A last-minute effort to ease consumers’ pain as energy bills tripled was publicly announced at the September national budget launch. The Cabinet has announced plans to set aside his €35 million for students. serious financial problems Due to rising utility bills.

In several Dutch cities, local politicians have decided not to wait for national approval. Tilburg city council, in an initiative led by councilor Esma Lalla, considered students living in self-contained accommodation eligible for her one-time €1,300 allowance. Subsidy.A similar arrangement is in force Rotterdam: People between the ages of 18 and 20 who are receiving subsidies for independent living are also eligible for energy subsidies.

students of Nijmegen It filed a lawsuit against the municipality for excluding students for noncompliance. A local court in Gelderland ruled in her favor, but argued that the country should not automatically include students as a class or group because their economic and living circumstances may differ. doing.

https://northerntimes.nl/students-protest-for-inclusion-in-energy-subsidies/ Students protest against inclusion in energy subsidies

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