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TOP 5 Most Popular Places For Entertainment Among Students During Quarantine

 Even amidst the pandemic, students around the world are discovering new ways to keep themselves entertained during quarantine. Remaining indoors is monotonous, especially if there are no exercises or revitalizing activities to be done. Besides, just spending time in the neighborhood will not be satisfying enough.

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There are several fun places you can be with fellow students during this quarantine period. However, you should take precautions to ensure that you don’t come into close contact with people. The COVID 19 virus still lurks in unthinkable places and in people that you cannot suspect. If you are unvaccinated, you still risk being infected.

Therefore, even as you have fun, it would be prudent to wear your mask and practice social distance. Here are the top 5 places students can be and have lots of fun during quarantine.


Camping is an exciting activity that you and your friends can do even amidst a pandemic. It presents a chance for someone to relax their mind and participate in fun activities like storytelling, playing card and board games, climbing trees, collecting nature items, and more. Overall, camping is fun and it is one thing that students can do now. However, you need to ascertain that the camping ground is not overcrowded. It is important to avoid sharing personal supplies like food, drinks, soap, etc.

Swimming Pools and Beaches

 The beach offers a great combination of experiences that you will never have at home or school. You can be relaxing on the beach, running along the shores, playing with the sand, or watching the waves. There is even a more nourishing feeling when the sun is beaming down on you and quenching your body’s thirst for Vitamin D. Swimming pools also offer an exceptional relaxation feeling. Even though Water itself doesn’t spread the COVID-19 virus, take precautions and observe the 6-feet social distancing rule. Avoid visiting congested beaches or swimming in overcrowded pools.

Barbecues, Campfires, and Outdoor Potlucks

 You can grill out on the patio. If the weather is calm, bundle up in warm clothes and sit around a fire pit together with your friends outside your house. It doesn’t have to be a camping spree! Just a fire lit at the lawn!

 If you or any of your friends haven’t been vaccinated, keep your gathering small. As you enjoy the blazing fire, you can engage in activities that do not require close contact. You may even plan to have everyone bring his or her food and drinks. Have everyone wash his or her hands when arriving and keep a hand sanitizer close throughout!

Boat Riding with Friends

There is so much fun in boat riding with friends. Note that contact sports like wrestling, soccer, and basketball carry more COVID-19 risk than boat riding. Boat riding will make you exercise and you enjoy the diverse sceneries and the lake. Remember that you deserve maximum fun. Thus, don’t forget to carry something to eat and drink in case you don’t stop anywhere at the center of the vast waters.

Indoor Sports and sporting events

 Sports like tennis, baseball, table tennis, badminton are less risky because players can maintain physical distance. During the pandemic, students can play such games and remain active as well as have a lot of fun! If they choose to be spectators, they should wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer regularly. Social distancing is also key in the sitting arrangement.


As the specialists continue to find a lasting solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, students should be allowed to have fun and participate in amusing activities. Nonetheless, we urge students to take all the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe from contracting the killer virus!

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