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Top Five Players Likely to Win the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball

The stage is set, and we are edging closer to Qatar’s FIFA World Cup tournament. It is not going to be an easy competition for the teams participating. However, the fans can rest assured that they will have some of the best moments when they want to play. The FIFA World Cup has always been impressive that we’ve seen it made into a game slot online for casino lovers. 

This year should not be different. As we look to get started, predictions are flying around, and it is undoubtedly becoming a big part of the talking points at different sports sites. Many teams are in the leading race to win the competition, and we can name some of the players likely to score the highest goals in the competition. We are looking at the players likely to win the golden ball in this case. 

Kylian Mbappe

The 2018 World Cup was Mbappe’s stamp on history, and he made it count. He was by far the best young player in the competition, shouldering the team’s responsibility as they went on to win the FIFA World Cup trophy in Russia. He also became the second teenager to score and win a WC final match. 

As a result, Kylian Mbappe became a name in the history of the sport. The brilliance of Luka Modric only edged him out. As he is older and more experienced, Mbappe is on course to winning his first MVP title in the FIFA World Cup this year, and we would love to see how he lights up the competition. 

Karim Benzema

Getting back into the French team has been good for Benzema’s form, and we’ve seen the Frenchman take the world by storm. He is currently the leading goalscorer in the UCL, and he’s most likely the player to win the Balon d’Or this season. Undoubtedly, no player comes close, and he can wrap up his year with an MVP award in Qatar.

The Veteran goalscorer is not slowing down, and he continues to show how well he can perform upfront. Therefore, we see him as a strong candidate for the golden ball award. Although he has some tough opponents and how well the team does would affect his winning, there is a good chance that he would win.

Harry Kane

England’s Skipper and frontman, Harry Kane, is also running for the best player at the World Cup. Aside from his ability in front of goal, he can set up his teammates as a solid playmaker. We’ve seen how versatile the forward can be when he is rightly deployed. Harry Kane can help the Three Lions achieve their dream of winning the World Cup,

In addition to that, he can sweep all the best awards in the competition. For a start, he can win the golden boot, and if England goes far, he can also be in contention for the best player award. Therefore, Harry Kane is one to watch once the competition starts. 

Neymar Junior

One of the greatest Brazilians to ever put on the yellow and blue colors, Neymar is everything you’ll want in a winger. He is quick, dynamic, and can score with utmost precision. Undoubtedly, he will be one of the best players in the competition once it begins. Although many claims that he can be unserious, on his day, he’s unplayable and can cause plenty of damage to the opponent’s defense. 

We look forward to the Brazilian no.10 as he lights up the show in Qatar, and he certainly will be a pivotal part of the team’s push to win their 6th WC title. We’re hoping to see the serious Neymar, and we would love what he brings to the competition this year. 

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the greatest player of this generation, and we’ve seen how good he can get. There are plenty of records that we don’t think any player can come close to breaking, and undoubtedly, he will remain a top name in history. However, it can be better if only he wins the FIFA World Cup.

With age catching up with the maestro, he would need to take advantage of this World Cup competition as another four years won’t be feasible. Therefore, we expect to see the beast we know, and in that mode, Messi is a dangerous player to the opposition. With that, we might see a repeat of 2014, and maybe this time, they will win the competition. 

Final Thoughts 

The World Cup is still months away, and we know that a lot can still happen. However, based on what we have now, these five players have the best chances of winning the golden ball award. They have the right teams and are known to shoulder others and push for an epic win. As a result, it will be a tough race for the award. 

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