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What are the biggest sports franchises in the Netherlands?

The Dutch are a rather passionate population and when it comes down to sport, the passion shown is no different to any other activity that takes place.

Indeed, one of the biggest factors that helps to highlight this is the amount of sports betting that takes place within the country, with many of them continuing to hunt for the best bonus codes that a website like bonuscode.nl can provide them with to help further enhance their overall gambling experiences.

With this in mind, though, it brought up a question regarding the sports franchises in The Netherlands and just how big and popular they are. However, it should be noted that when taking a look at the most popular sports in the country, it would appear many of them are individualistic as sports such as tennis, golf and cycling rank highly.

Football is by far the most popular

Nonetheless, football is the dominant sport within the country, and it is no surprise to learn that the teams that compete in the Eredivisie are amongst the biggest sports franchises in The Netherlands, regardless of the metrics used to try and define their stature.

When thinking of the sport and the teams involved, three will immediately spring to mind because of the reputations that they have within the domestic and international game: AFC Ajax, Feyenoord Rotterdam and PSV Eindhoven.

Of course, each team has managed to create and build storied histories for themselves in regard to success on the pitch, which has only helped them to achieve a number of subsequent successes off the field. This will include being clubs that have managed to create a fanbase that is global, as well as one that dominates domestically.

According to a poll that was taken in 2016, surprisingly, Feyenoord beat out the other two to the top of the list. In that list, the Dutch National Team were also included, with the passionate countrymen typically getting behind their team when it is time to compete in a major competition such as a FIFA World Cup or a UEFA European Championships.

Which other sports have proven popular with fans?

Although it might be hard to find a sports franchise as popular as those mentioned above, there are a number of sports within the country that have continued to attract fans due to the history that has been achieved.

For instance, American sports such as baseball and basketball have been incredibly popular in The Netherlands, with both national teams having been rather successful. Field Hockey is another sport that has proven to be rather popular, with The Netherlands women’s national field hockey team being the most successful team in World Cup history, thus making them one of the biggest sports franchises.


To conclude, there are a number of sports that can be considered to be rather popular, although when it comes down to trying to find the biggest sports franchises, it would be too difficult to look beyond football and the likes of Feyenoord, Ajax, PSV and the Dutch National Team.

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