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European Elections 2024: Which Candidates Are on the Ballot for June?

With just one month remaining until the Netherlands heads to the polls, many are eager to understand their options for participating in the upcoming European parliamentary elections. Currently, the Netherlands has 29 members in the 720-seat European Parliament, with 27 affiliated with political parties and two as independents. However, after June 6, this number will increase to 31. A total of 20 parties are participating, with 497 potential MEPs vying for seats in Brussels. Below is a breakdown of the parties competing in the elections, along with their European affiliation, English information links, and a brief overview of their objectives.


  • Party Leader: Caroline van der Plas
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: Formed following the 2020 farmers’ protests, BBB advocates for anti-strict climate measures, supports farmers, and promotes rural life.


  • Party Leader: Henri Bontenbal
  • Predicted to Win: 2 Seats
  • Overview: The Christian Democratic Appeal leans toward the center and holds socially conservative views. It supports the middle-of-the-road approach and is influenced by Biblical principles.

ChristenUnie (CU)

  • Party Leader: Mirjam Bikker
  • Predicted to Win: 0 Seats
  • Overview: ChristenUnie, often described as left-wing, bases its policies on Biblical principles. It opposes abortion and euthanasia and emphasizes environmental sustainability.


  • Party Leader: Rob Jetten
  • Predicted to Win: 3 Seats
  • Overview: D66 is one of the most pro-European parties, advocating for a more democratic EU, a stronger defense alliance, and budgetary alignment.


  • Party Leader: Frans Timmermans
  • Predicted to Win: 7 Seats
  • Overview: This alliance combines GroenLinks and the Labour Party’s efforts, with a focus on environmental issues and social justice.

New Sociaal Contract (NSC)

  • Party Leader: Pieter Omtzigt
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: NSC supports Europe but demands action on migration and asylum, emphasizing the need for reform.


  • Party Leader: Esther Ouwehand
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: The Party for Animals prioritizes animal rights and environmental sustainability.


  • Party Leader: Geert Wilders
  • Predicted to Win: 8 Seats
  • Overview: PVV opposes Islamization, advocating for EU reform from within and reduced EU influence.


  • Party Leader: Chris Stoffer
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: SGP focuses on orthodox Christian principles, advocating for reduced EU intervention and supporting the fishing industry.


  • Party Leader: Jimmy Dijk
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: SP, a populist-left party, aims to highlight issues of power imbalances within the EU and promote collaboration among European citizens.


  • Party Leader: Laurens Dassen
  • Predicted to Win: 1 Seat
  • Overview: Volt is a pan-European party supporting federalism and collaboration across Europe.


  • Party Leader: Dilan Yesilgöz
  • Predicted to Win: 6 Seats
  • Overview: VVD supports the free market and holds liberal views on social issues, advocating for tougher EU rules on asylum.

With a diverse range of parties and perspectives, the European parliamentary elections offer voters in the Netherlands the opportunity to shape the future of European politics.

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