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The Dos and Don’ts of Online Flirting

Today, there are increasing numbers of people who are using the internet to find romance. Dating apps, websites, and online games are just a few of the digital platforms where people have had success in finding love. Even those who are not looking for a long-term relationship might find themselves flirting with other people online. But flirting online is different from flirting in person, in more than one way. Some people may find it more difficult to flirt online, especially while texting. Here are some of the common ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of online flirting.

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DO Share the Right Amount of Information

Striking a balance when sharing information can be difficult when chatting to people online. However, it’s important to get this right to make the other person feel comfortable while talking to you. If the other person is sharing photographs of themselves or their name and hometown, share this same level of information if you feel comfortable doing so. If you don’t want to share some details, such as photos of yourself or the name of the city you live in, let the other person know why. If you continue chatting, don’t leave it too long before finally sharing this information. This can help things to progress while also ensuring that your boundaries are respected when it comes to personal information.

DO Use Emojis

It can be difficult to convey your emotions and tone of voice accurately over a text message, so if you’re flirting with someone using texts, consider getting creative and using some emojis too. Emojis can help to make your online flirting more interesting, as well as helping you to be clearer about what you mean. Using laughing emojis can make it obvious that you’re making a joke, while a blushing emoji can convey shyness to the other person. Other emojis such as waving emojis can help to keep things friendly between two people who are flirting online. Top10 has a dictionary of flirty emojis to use when you’re flirting online.

DON’T Talk About Inappropriate Topics

When flirting online, it’s essential to get the tone right in order for things to go well. Raising inappropriate topics at the wrong time can lead to uncomfortable interactions and might kill the mood between you and the person you are flirting with. Consider the tone you want to set for the conversation and respect the other person’s boundaries. If the conversation is naturally flowing towards a particular topic, don’t feel like you need to hold it back. But you should avoid bringing up topics such as death, family matters, and sexually explicit comments that could be considered offensive. Communicating to the other person about what you’re comfortable with and getting to know what they are happy to talk about can help your flirtatious conversations online to stay on the right track.

DO Things Differently

Getting creative with the way you flirt online can make your conversations more memorable and lead to further success in the dating world. For example, share GIFs and videos with the other person rather than just texting all the time. Send audio messages and video messages from yourself and use free editing tools online to make memes and other digital content. Rather than consistently asking typical questions such as ‘how are you?’ and ‘what are you up to?’, get into more detail and ask about their favorite cocktails, what they like to eat for breakfast, or the type of music they enjoyed as a child. Play a game and ask the other person to guess things about you. Mixing things up can go a long way when it comes to online flirting, and it can help to make the conversation more interesting as well as longer-lasting.

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DON’T Ask For Personal Details

Online flirting is supposed to be casual and fun, so avoid asking the other person too many personal details. Basic information such as their name and the country they live in can be expected when you start flirting with someone online. But you should avoid asking for more intimate details such as the exact town they live in, their second name, or their place of employment. These details are often considered too private to share with someone online, so if you want to keep things feeling comfortable, stay away from trying to get personal information too soon. Unless they offer lots of personal information willingly, don’t start asking too many questions and look out for the signs that they might not like you back.

Flirting online can be fun, interesting, and even lead to something more serious. However, it can be much more difficult to get someone’s interest and make them feel comfortable while chatting online. Using flirting emojis, keeping the conversation light in the early stages, and giving away the right level of detail can help your flirting efforts to go well.

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