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Top Topics to Start Chatting Online and Get a Chance for a Date

Online dating is an adventure that more people are embarking upon than ever before. One thing that most people find is that it’s hard to start a conversation with a stranger knowing that you’re both there looking for romance. Learn some important pointers and gain insight into how to begin chatting online in a way that will garner responses from your lovely partners.

The First Message Matters

As you might imagine, the first message you send to someone on a dating service is significant. It’s just like the first impression you would send someone by showing up for a date with them. The only difference is that you don’t have the visual medium involved, so you have to rely on your words. When approaching women, it’s best to ask them a question rather than just say, “what’s up?” but approaching men is simpler because they tend to respond positively to assertive questions like “what are you doing this weekend?”. Sending the proper first message can make people you date feel comfortable and willing to respond.

How to Interest an Online Partner

Finding an online dating partner for anything from specific dates to naughty chat requires knowing how to break the ice and keep a conversation going. Depending on the topic, you can be a little bolder with your initial conversation, or you might want to dial it back if you’re just looking for a normal date. Some people miss out on romance because they don’t send interesting enough messages to get a response. Although you can say that you shouldn’t have to put a ton of effort into the first message, people who do make that effort and follow up with interesting topics tend to get the best dating results.

So, what kind of stuff should you talk about? It largely depends on why you’re looking for a date. If you want to start a typical relationship, think about using the following openings:

  1. The Fun Approach: Who is your favorite tv/comic/book/movie character?
  2. The Direct Approach: What was the worst opening line you’ve ever had?
  3. Surprising Approach: Two truths and a lie; let’s go!
  4. The Specific Dating Site Approach: What are you looking for in terms of (culture/orientation/intimate practice)?
  5. The Pop Culture Approach: The Office or Parks and Rec?

These openers will help you in a variety of situations, and they should be more than enough to give you an edge in your initial dating experience. You simply need to apply the right opener to the correct situation. For example, if you’re on a dating site that emphasizes risqué chats, you will need to be more assertive with your questions. As long as you know what makes a good opener, though, you should be fine.

Ask for a Date if You Feel the Time Is Right

When do you ask someone out on a date online? It’s a fair question, but it is equally fair to say that there is no specific time when you’ll know to ask them out. Mostly, the desire to date someone should stem from you both having enough mutual interests to warrant pursuing a relationship. Ask someone out after:

  • you confirm you’re looking for the same thing;
  • you have been honest about the type of person you are, and they’ve accepted you;
  • you are mutually attracted to one another.

If you confirm each of these elements, then it’s worth trying to ask for a date.

Finding love online is a process that requires a fair amount of effort on your part. You need to be cognizant of the sort of romances you plan on having as well as how to get someone interested in your conversations. Use the icebreaking methods we’ve shown you here and start having meaningful, fun conversations that turn into relationships!

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